Mission & Vision

As a local Diocesan Congregation, our Charism is the Joy, love and Compassion of God for the people (Mk: 6:34). Therefore, our Mission is to radiate joy, love and compassion to the people of God through prayer; teaching; care for the orphans, elderly, physically and mentally challenged; and widows; health care; youth ministry; catechism/pastoral work; working with the marginalized communities; living in community and ministering to each other through presence, good example and service as need arises.

Our vision is to promote dignity of all people of God including women, children and all the vulnerable in the society.

Following the spirit of our founder, today our sisters are involved in education, youth ministry, social work, technical education, medical and pastoral work. Our sisters energy in their various ministries emanate from our prayer life and community life without which there would be no effective service to God’s people. In order to serve effectively and meet the demands and challenges of our time, we remain open to the ever-increasing needs of the Church in our time.

We value prayer, inner conversion; kindness, gentleness, humility, joy, love, hospitality, compassion for all, and simplicity.