It was a great day when Ulanda Community was visited by CWA of Rapogi Deanery and CMA from Ulanda; plus representatives from seven parishes. Walking together and listening to one another but above all to the Holy Spirit, the sisters felt the blessings of the Synod. It starts with, and involves all the faithful at local Churches across the world, promising to listen to all, especially to laypeople. It is a high time all of us to be fully involved in such activity.  At the same time, in order to participate fully in the act of discerning, it is important for the baptised to hear the voices of other people in their local context, including people who have left the practice of the faith, people of other faith traditions, and people of no religious belief.

Exceptional care should be set aside to involve those persons who may risk being excluded especially women, the handicapped, refugees, migrants, the elderly people who live in poverty, Catholics who once in a blue moon or never practice their faith, etc. That is what the Synod is calling us for.